How I Make Roast Beef

I like to cook, but sometimes I forget all the timings and numbers so I decided to blog about them. Honestly, there are probably better recipes on the internet for this sort of thing.

Assumes top side beef, around 750g

  1. Sear beef in a frying pan, pre heat oven to 200
  2. Season beef with oil, salt and pepper
  3. Put the beef in the oven for 25 mins
  4. Prepare veges – cut, wash, dry and season as above
  5. After 25 mins add veges
  6. Cook for another 15 mins
  7. Turn veggies and check beef
  8. Check every 10mins or so – when looking good remove the beef and leave to rest on a plate.
  9. Turn down veges to 150 or so and continue until ready
  10. You’re done